In-house, out-house or dog-house – What you should look for in a Fit-Out partner!

In-house, out-house or dog-house – What you should look for in a Fit-Out partner!


In any fit-out or office relocation project, 60% of the cost is always taken up by technical elements, ranging from mechanical services (such as HVAC and plumbing) through to IT, data cabling, lighting and electrical works.

Keep in mind the importance of these elements and how vital they are for the smooth running of a project – they must be properly analysed, designed, specified and thoroughly understood.  This can only really be achieved if your fit-out partner retains these skills in-house. This will help to maximise efficiency, particularly in the early stages of the project when the prospective real estate is being assessed and the project programme is being established.


(Image taken from 14,000 Sq ft design & build project of Dentsply Sirona, completed by HortonTech Interiors).

Incorrect technical assessments can lead to inaccurate cost and timescale forecasts resulting in unforeseen price variations and extensions of time during the project.

Many fit-out companies will cobble together an “in-house” team made up of a mixture of sub-contractors, suppliers and inexperienced team members. Sometimes it can work on smaller projects, but usually it will end in tears – particularly if there are areas of disagreement as the project progresses.

The true benefit of appointing a turnkey fit-out partner comes from

maximising the inter-relationships within the project team. An in-house team that has worked together many times before will communicate more efficiently between themselves and more coherently with you.  Fundamentally, the chances of completing on schedule and within budget will be maximised.


  • Do they understand all the technical aspects of your project?
  • Do they have the necessary technical skills in-house?
  • Are the in-house people actually employed or just freelancers with the right business card?
  • How many projects have the team worked on together?

Have they carried out detailed technical surveys?