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The aesthetic balance of a space has the ability to inspire and influence people. Here at HortonTech, we aim to help businesses across the UAE utilise purposeful spaces, through interior layouts and designs that combine functionality and creative expression.

Whether you need a completely new office interior, or a redesign of your commercial space in Dubai; our firm is ready and able to exceed your expectations and deliver to perfection.

Exceptional expertise in design leveraged to deliver quality office and commercial interior solutions

Our firm believes in reflecting your brand identity through your interiors to pave the way for a strong corporate image. Our consultants will carefully integrate your corporate identity with your interior decoration and layout to create a space that clearly reflects your brand.

We will invigorate your corporate space, using our expertise and creativity to give you a working environment that will serve as a multi-faceted platform for all your needs. With your vision and our expertise in commercial interior design, our consultants will be able to create a space that is not only aesthetically sound, but also seamless and functional.

Our experience in accomplishing office interior projects in the UAE enables us to implement creativity, innovation and imagination to visualise and implement spaces based on the preferences of our clients. From the choice of furniture to the overall interior decoration, our consultants will create a holistic office space that embodies the brand and identity of the client.

Tailored packages from one of the best interior design companies in Dubai

To provide a service that is tailored to the client’s needs, our consultants sit with clients to discuss their needs, preferences, timeline, and budget. Doing this gives us a clear idea of what the client aims to achieve for their space, along with their available resources for the project. Our firm will then work around these factors to produce a design that fits the client’s profile perfectly.

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We ensure that our customers feel that their investment is well placed, their ideas are becoming reality and our inspiration and creativity to make it happen is the driving force in a successful venture.

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